Repairing VS Selling Your Car – Which Is Best?

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We all reach that one point in our lives.  That one point where a car breaks down and you need to decide whether it is better to repair it or sell it.

Most people tend to ask the question; “Is it worth fixing my car?” when they see that expensive repair invoice.  Even when the invoice is relatively affordable, there is still that nagging thought in the back of your mind… how long till it breaks down again?

Deciding between selling and repairing is one of the hardest choices to make when it comes to a car. 

In this guide, we have broken down some of the biggest factors regarding both of this decision so you can make the best decision regarding these two options;

Consider the Total Repair Costs

Before you make any decision, you should get a full estimation of the cost of getting your car fully repaired.  In many cases, a few small repairs are all that’s needed to get the car up and running again and many vehicles do perform exceptionally even though repairs or even modifications have been done on them.

 The biggest issue here is the cost of getting a car repaired.  Replacement parts are often costly and labour required to get the car fixed can also be very pricy.  If the repair costs are relatively low then it is probably best to just get it fixed. 
Broken down vehicles don’t have a very good resale value.

If the costs seem a bit tight then it might be best to just sell it and buy something newer that won’t cause you as many headaches in the future.

Can You Afford A Newer Car?

If you are looking for a car that isn’t as likely to break down or cost as much to maintain then you likely want something new or newer.   Down payments on vehicles can be quite steep and many cannot afford a payment of new vehicles. There are lots of second hand or pre-loved vehicles out there that are still in superb condition at an affordable rate.  If you can afford a better pre-loved car then this switch can be a worthy investment. If a monthly payment seems too daunting then it might be best to simply get the repairs done instead of committing to a price you just cannot pay.

What Are Your Selling Options?

The price you get for your old car can have a huge impact on your decision to sell.  Some vehicle brands and makes are much more popular than others and vehicles that are damaged or broken down do have a much lower resell value than vehicles that are in running condition.  In some cases, it is better to repair a vehicle before selling it. If the damages are too extensive then it is better to sell your old car to a scrap metal company or a recycling firm like KS Cash for Cars will be happy to accept your vehicle in any condition.

The Vehicle’s Condition

The vehicle’s condition can also impact your decision.  If a car is still in good condition then a small breakdown shouldn’t influence you to simply sell, especially if your vehicle is already paid off. 

If the vehicle is very old and likely to get more damages regularly then it is best to just sell.  

Was The Car In An Accident?

After-accident cars never do perform the way they used to, especially if the damage was quite extensive.  Even fully repaired vehicles tend to show problems that resurface long after the repairs have been completed.   

Need to sell an old car? Consider KS Cash for Cars so you can get any type of car sold at a fair price. 

With the help of this company, you can move on to a better car without the risk of spending too much on a car that is already worn down.  

Repairing VS Selling Your Car – Which Is Best?
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