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We are 25 years old in the Cash for Cars industry!

Our dedicated team here at Junk Car Removal continually provide top quality service in paying you money for your car or any vehicle. And we pay good money for old cars too. If you can’t get to us, don’t worry because we offer free pick up service throughout Melbourne. For over 25 years, we’ve been providing a simple way to make money fast. And we ensure premium service and competitive pricing.

We’ve been doing this a long time, and people trust us throughout Melbourne for our honest, reliable and stress-free service.


It’s all in our name. We pay you the right amount of money for your vehicle whichever type you have and come and take it off your hands. We provide Melbourne with a removalist and collection service, which is honest, reliable and completed a simple way.

  • Unwanted car removal
  • Old car removal
  • Wrecked or damaged car removal
  • Cash for unwanted cars
  • Cash for old car
  • Cash for wrecked or damaged cars


Got a wrecked or damaged car which needs removing immediately? Want to make some fast money? Not a problem because we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give us a call, and we’ll come and collect your car straight away.

Our team has been serving Melbourne for over 25 years, and we’re dedicated to delivering the most dependable service which is honest, reliable and completely stress-free. 

We’re the experts when it comes to delivering a full vehicle removal and payment service. We’re trusted professionals in paying you quality money for your wrecked, old or damaged vehicles. We dedicate ourselves to continuing to provide the best service in Melbourne, and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the quality and stress-free service.

We offer free no-obligation quotes, get in touch today, and we’ll give you an instant estimate. We also provide free pick-ups and free car removal services. It’s all part of our complete service package.


We’re the trusted car removalist specialists in Melbourne. Our dedicated team values honesty and premium service, which is why we offer no-obligation instant free quotes and free collection service. Our removalist experts understand selling vehicles and cars takes a lot of time, and if you’re like most people, you feel it’s an overwhelming process. That is why we’re here to help you get rid of the vehicle taking up your space with a stress-free and straightforward process.

Sell car to a Cash for Cars Company

Get in touch with us, and we will let you know about our current pricing plans

We offer free removal and pick up service throughout the whole of Melbourne. Which means if you can’t get your vehicle to us, we’ll collect it from you for free. We take all types of old cars and vehicles in various conditions. Contact KS Cash for cars Melbourne by calling or filling out our online form, and we’ll give you a free instant quote. 
We offer a reliable and stress-free service throughout all of Melbourne, along with the most competitive pricing. So get in touch today so we can discuss our pricing plans today.

Please feel free to call us

No matter your vehicle type, we’ll take it off your hands. We offer free no-obligation quotes, get in touch today, and we’ll give you an instant estimate.

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