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Happen to be in the Preston area and have unused, broken, smashed or olds cars sitting around? Or maybe cars which still work but they’re old cars, and you don’t use them much anymore? If you do, it’s ok because there are many people around the Preston area and Australia who leave their old cars lying around on their properties. After all, it’s a struggle to either get rid of them or bother about troublesome car removal. 

If you can’t get rid of your car, then contact KS Cash For Cars today, because we’ll give you cash for cars and come to your property and remove your vehicle or vehicles for free

Cash For Cars In PrestonCash For Cars In Preston

If you’re like most people in Australia, then you probably have an old car, one which you don’t use anymore and potentially it may have been lying around for many years. Once an old car becomes unused for a while, it will turn into one which is in poor condition. Once this happens, you’ll discover the challenge of trying to sell it, remove it and especially how tough it is to get cash for the car.

One this problem happens, then often these cars remain lying around unused for a long time. Further to this, they become grimy, and rusted, which can often cause damages to the property they’re sitting on. 

It’s better to get rid of your used cars or old cars sooner than later to stop them from producing any damage to your property. If you’re having trouble selling old cars or used cars, then the best answer to your dilemma calling us today because,

  • We’ll give you a free and accurate quote for your old or used car over the phone 
  • Our wreckers love cars and car parts, so we’ll give you the best and most accurate quote and cash for your cars which is fair, honest and reliable., 
  • If you sell your vehicle to us, then you’ll receive some money 
  • We offer free car removal in the Preston area

Car Removal

At KS Cash For Cars, our team has been removing old and used cars in and around the Preston area for several years, which means we have expertise in car removal and valuing them as well. So we ensure always to give the fairest and most accurate price for your used or old car whatever condition it may be in. 


Because we believe there’s always value in some part of used or old cars. 

No matter the state of your old or used cars we’ll always give cash for cars in Melbourne and offer free car removal because we take them and use them for their salvage purposes. 

For example, say your used car was in an accident, so it has significantly become depreciated, it’s broken or just not used anymore, we still pay cash for these cars. Because there’s always a part of a car which is worth something to someone. 

Our team have expertise in assessing cars, and we pledge ourselves to offer you the most appropriate and most aggressively competitive price for your car. 

Need your old cars or used cars removed?

Are you in the  Preston area?

If so, then call us today, and our skilled team will give you a quote for the value of your car. 

Why do we pay cash for cars?Cash For Cars In Preston

We pay cash for cars because we’re a business who strips and salvages wrecked and broken cars. That’s right, you guessed it, we’re wreckers. 

We buy cars and pay cash for them because we later sell them onto people who are looking for particular parts. Mechanics, car enthusiasts, smash repairers or people who want a used part and not a brand new one so they can mend something in their engine. 

Sometimes cars can be in an accident and get written off and declared unfixable. Or unroadworthy from insurance companies. But because this has happened and you can’t drive the car anymore, it doesn’t mean there aren’t other parts within the engine or on the body of the car which are still in perfect working order. Rescuing these other functioning parts of old cars and used cars is where car wreckers come to the rescue.

If you have a car like this lying around and you can’t drive it anymore then should contact a wrecker, like our team at KS Cash For Cars who’s knowledgeable about their removal and value. Because we always ensure appropriate plus trustworthy valuing of cars and reliable people who know how to remove cars safely, adequately and efficiently. 

If you’re ready to get your old cars or used cars removed and you’re in the Preston area, contact us today. 

Stop leaving your cars sitting around. Because the longer they sit there then, the more they’ll decrease in value, start to cause damage and trouble to your property and give you headaches from worrying about them. 

Our process is straightforward and utterly stress-free. We Promise. Because our friendly team will come to you in Preston, and collect your car or cars for free, offer an accurate and reasonable price and take them away once and for all. 

KS Cash For Cars is here to offer top cash for cars in Preston. To know more about our services, call us on 0457 343 419 or email us at Besides Preston, we also offer cash for cars in Reservoir and nearby suburbs.

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