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Do you have an old car, van, or truck that you want to sell but couldn’t find the cash for Cars Company in Brighton? Many old cars cannot be repaired or become unroadworthy after a few years. Such vehicles just lay around your property rusting or gathering dust and creating a permanent eye sore. Their value decreases with each month until they become a scrap you need to pay to remove.

The good news is you can get cash for a car by selling it to licensed buyers of scrapped vehicles. KS Cash for Cars offers top cash for unwanted cars and excellent deals for your old car, van, or truck. We will pick up your non-functioning vehicle and pay you cash for it. Our team of wreckers deals with all types as well as models and makes of cars – regardless of their condition. Get the on-the-spot estimate, best offers, and same-day free pick-up from us if you live in Brighton.

Sell Your Van for the Highest Cash

Are you looking for a profitable deal for your old rusting van that is not in use anymore? Has your van met an accident recently that has been “written off” by the insurer? You can contact us and get the maximum value for the old, rusted, or accidental vehicles and get them removed from your property for free.

With us, you do not need to scour the market, contact multiple scrap dealers, or haggle for the price.Moreover, you do not have to make arrangements to send the old van to us – our team comes to your location and pick it up. We are amongst the top vehicle-buying companies that provide cash for vans in Brighton.

Get Top Cash for Truck in Any Condition

Do you want to sell your truck because it has completely broken down? You might have an old vehicle that met with an accident and costly repairs or parts replacements will not make it workable again. In such cases, it will only occupy prime space on your property and can become a danger over time. You do not have to worry anymore as selling off your old truck is easier than you think.

At KS Cash for Cars, we buy these old trucks no matter how old it is or what their condition is. We have excellent offers for every kind of truck that you want to sell. Whether you are dealing with a vehicle that is old, not working, damaged, or scrap – we buy every model at the best prices in the market.

Do You Want to Sell Unwanted Car? – We pay you for it

Unwanted cars are a big nuisance for many people as they occupy a lot of the area of the property. When you stop using your old car, it may become totally unusable after a few months or years due to negligence. If you are facing the same issue, it is better to get rid of such old vehicles and make good money in exchange.

KS Cash for Cars removes your unwanted car the same day and pays you top dollars for it. Your junk cars can become an eyesore and also take the space that can be best utilised for other means. They are also a health or safety hazard and ruin the look of the property.However, with the help of our team, you can get an accurate estimate, free car removal, and also earn good cash for the unrepairable car. We buy every type of car, model, make, etc., regardless of the year of manufacture or condition.

Benefits of Getting Cash for Unwanted Truck, Car, or Van

There are several benefits of choosing our cash for car service, in Brighton such as:

  • Cash for your new purchase: You can utilise the money you get from selling off your old car, van, or truck for buying a new one. There are some buyers who opt for used cars that are only a few years old and are in working condition. However, there are hardly any buyers for old, accidental, non-working, or unroadworthy cars. Our Cash for unwanted cars service solves this problem as we buy your scrapped car which is at the end of its life.
  • Save money on car towing: If you want to get a rusting vehicle removed from your property, you have to pay towing charges. You do not need to worry as we offer free removal of your old car from your property after buying it for cash.
  • Pick-up from your location: Our wreckers provide doorstep service and pay cash for van at your location. You can get an instant quote over the phone after sharing the vehicle details and the team members will visit your home. They pay cash, complete the paperwork, and remove your old van.
  • Removal of an eyesore: The old vehicle can be an eyesore that ruins the look of your property as well as acts as a danger to health and safety. Our scrap removal helps to restore your home to its former glory and make the surroundings look better.
  • Claiming back valuable space: The scrap vehicle occupies prime space that you can reclaim after its removal. You can use it to park your new vehicle or for any other purpose.

Why Choose KS Cash for Cars in Brighton?

KS Cash for Cars is amongst the most trusted companies in Brighton that offers cash for unwanted trucks and other vehicles. We are the preferred choice for anyone trying to sell an old car, van, or truck in the city. Our team offers  the highest cash for cars or scrapped vehicles. We keep the process simple and hassle-free for our clients.

Fill out our online form or call us to sell off your old truck and get an on-the-spot estimate. Talk to our experts for the best offer and free removal of old vehicles. If you accept the offer, our team visits your location and pays cash, and removes the scrap from your property on the same day.

With KS Cash for Cars, you get:

  • Top dollars for every vehicle
  • Convenient and hassle-free process
  • Doorstep service
  • Same day removal
  • Free no-obligation quotes
  • Easy removal of old cars, salvage cars, or accidental cars

For the best deals on the removal of your used and old car, van, or truck in Brighton, as well as cash for cars in Brooklyn and nearby suburbs, call us at 0457 343 419 or email us at We are available 24X7, all 7 days a week

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